By Seanna Lyn Wilhelm

I work in healthcare.
Not in a medical way,
but I still deal directly
with patients, and sick people
can be hateful, as I’m
sure you know because you’re
human and therefore must’ve
been sick at some point
in your long or just beginning
life. But, besides certain
cases–the ones who make
me want to cry–I still
can’t help but feel
tenderness for them.

The friendly ones are what
really get to me though–the
patients that treat me like a
person and actually talk to me.
It’s hard not to learn their names
and become friends with them
and grow to love them as a friend.

And I go home each night
and pray for all the faces
I’ve seen throughout the day–
kind and otherwise–
because I know bits of their
stories from the tales
they tell, especially stories
of their sickness. And
sometimes, you go through
that sickness with them,
celebrating the ups and
mourning the downs.

I know when they’re not there.

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