This poet actually submitted her work to me during April, which was national poetry month. Yes, this was two months ago, but (as you know well) I can be an unfaithful poster at times. Anyways, this poet wishes to remain anonymous, but was kind enough to still give us a biography.

JC is an odd duck currently living in Nashville, TN, who spends his time contemplating life, being extraordinary lazy, and annoying his cat through interpretive dance. He wishes Seanna the best and hopes the rest of you have an awesome day!

If I Should Have a Son

If I should have a son, I’d tell him to be just like his daddy.


I’d raise him to the right thing, even if nobody else was watching.

I’d raise him to be the sort of man his grandfather would be proud to call a friend.


Regardless if he likes boys, girls, or something in between, my son will know how to both change a tire and make world-class brownies.

He will know how to defend himself with both words and force.

He will learn not to push someone to their breaking point just because he can’t explain he likes them.


If I should have a son, I will overload that boy with so much knowledge that he could dwarf Napoleon.


I would do all these things not make him some evil genius bent on conquering the stars, but to provide him the tools and show him that if wanted to, he could anyway.


I would show my boy that the world is his for the taking.

I would not demand perfection unless he demanded it from himself.

I would tell him to seek out knowledge wherever he could and make things better when given the chance.

I would tell him, “You’ve only got this one life and this one Earth, so make the best of it!”


And when the weight of the world grows too heavy for his shoulders to bear, I’ll wrap him arms and say, “It’s okay. Let me carry this a while. I’ll carry it just as I carried you, one day at a time.”


When his first lover breaks his heart in two, I’ll be there to help him pick up the pieces and clean the dishes as he eats his heartache’s weight in chocolate.


When his car dies on the interstate the first time, I’ll let his daddy talk him through it, even as my heart screams at me to rescue him.


I will be there for my son when his emotions make him feel like he’s going insane.


I will understand my son when he needs his father because only he can understand the silence, the nothing that is man that words simply cannot explain.


I will arm my son to the teeth for whatever life throws at him.

As much as I am able, I will teach my son to be a man, just like his daddy is.


I hear all the time, “The world needs more good men!”

I guarantee that gay, straight, bell bottom pants or mini-skirts, if I should have a son, he’d be one.  

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