Dashboard Primer

In my Theory and Practice of Rhetoric class, we had to make a primer for our second and final project. A primer is “any book of elementary principles” (dictionary.com). In other words, it’s a book that introduces its readers to a particular subject.

I decided to do mine on WordPress, specifically its dashboard. For the assignment, our document had to be a minimum of 10 pages, excluding things like the cover page and table of contents. I couldn’t seem to stop writing, so mine wound up being 17 pages from the introduction to the end.

Partly because I put so much work into and partly because I think someone might actually benefit from it, I’ve decided to share it here.

Most of my information came from personal experience, but there were a few things that I wasn’t familiar with or couldn’t figure out how to explain. For these, I found my information through WordPress itself. For all of the pictures, minus the logos of different online companies, I used Jing to take screenshots.

You can read my primer as an attached pdf file here. Primer

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