Poetry Submissions

If you’d like your poem to be one of the IBW’s Poems of the Week, please submit your poem to lyn.seanna@gmail.com.

Please read the guidelines; they’re there for a reason.


  1. Send your work as an attachment to me saved as a Microsoft file.
  2. Have “IBW Poetry Submission” in your subject line so I don’t think you’re spamming me.
  3. You may send up to 3 poems, but know that only one is going to be published.
  4. In the email itself, include your name (the one you prefer to be called), the poem title, an image of yourself to publish with your poem, and some brief biographical information.
  5. Previously published poems are accepted.
  6. Max line count is about 50. If you would like to argue this or send an excerpt, let me know in your submission email.
  7. Know that I don’t have any money to pay you with. If your poem is selected, it will be a Poem of the Week, living there and on the list page.
  8. Also, know that I am only one person, who has a full time job, so it might take me a while to reply.
  9. If you decide that you want your poem taken down or want something changed, email me. We’ll figure it out together.

Happy Writing!

3 thoughts on “Poetry Submissions

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