Writing Goals for 2015

I know that there are a couple of days left in this year, but I felt like the beginning of the week would be just as good a place to put this post as any.

Looking back at the goals that I made for 2014, the only thing off of that list that I actually accomplished was finishing the novel I started for NaNoWriMo 2013. As you know, I did this by completely rewriting it for NaNoWriMo 2014. And, while I’m disappointed in myself for not having completed any of the other goals, I do think that the fact that I completed the big one, so to speak, is pretty exciting.

So, here are some of the writing goals that I have for myself for this upcoming year.

  1. This year’s “big” goal is that I want to finish editing my novel, Collecting Humanity.
  2. Another main goal for me is that I want to try my hand at freelance writing again.
  3. I’m also planning on blogging regularly both here and at No Penny Required. I made a commitment to both these blogs when I decided to purchase their domain names. I’m also playing with the idea of once again trying to create some sort of author website using Wix.
  4. You may have noticed in the sidebar that I’m going to give myself the poem a day challenge again as well. Even if it’s winds up being something I can’t use, I want to get something down.
  5. The same applies to short stories. I want to try to write as many of those as I can during the year as well, and the Story Pieces series that I’ve started doing here should help.
  6. I would also like to submit my work to different literary magazines,
  7. attempt to find a literary agent once my novel is complete,
  8. and get some professional head shots made for the web and also for, one day, the inside cover of my novels.

There are so many things to see and do and learn in 2015. What are some of your life and writing goals?


This poet actually submitted her work to me during April, which was national poetry month. Yes, this was two months ago, but (as you know well) I can be an unfaithful poster at times. Anyways, this poet wishes to remain anonymous, but was kind enough to still give us a biography.

JC is an odd duck currently living in Nashville, TN, who spends his time contemplating life, being extraordinary lazy, and annoying his cat through interpretive dance. He wishes Seanna the best and hopes the rest of you have an awesome day!

If I Should Have a Son

If I should have a son, I’d tell him to be just like his daddy.


I’d raise him to the right thing, even if nobody else was watching.

I’d raise him to be the sort of man his grandfather would be proud to call a friend.


Regardless if he likes boys, girls, or something in between, my son will know how to both change a tire and make world-class brownies.

He will know how to defend himself with both words and force.

He will learn not to push someone to their breaking point just because he can’t explain he likes them.


If I should have a son, I will overload that boy with so much knowledge that he could dwarf Napoleon.


I would do all these things not make him some evil genius bent on conquering the stars, but to provide him the tools and show him that if wanted to, he could anyway.


I would show my boy that the world is his for the taking.

I would not demand perfection unless he demanded it from himself.

I would tell him to seek out knowledge wherever he could and make things better when given the chance.

I would tell him, “You’ve only got this one life and this one Earth, so make the best of it!”


And when the weight of the world grows too heavy for his shoulders to bear, I’ll wrap him arms and say, “It’s okay. Let me carry this a while. I’ll carry it just as I carried you, one day at a time.”


When his first lover breaks his heart in two, I’ll be there to help him pick up the pieces and clean the dishes as he eats his heartache’s weight in chocolate.


When his car dies on the interstate the first time, I’ll let his daddy talk him through it, even as my heart screams at me to rescue him.


I will be there for my son when his emotions make him feel like he’s going insane.


I will understand my son when he needs his father because only he can understand the silence, the nothing that is man that words simply cannot explain.


I will arm my son to the teeth for whatever life throws at him.

As much as I am able, I will teach my son to be a man, just like his daddy is.


I hear all the time, “The world needs more good men!”

I guarantee that gay, straight, bell bottom pants or mini-skirts, if I should have a son, he’d be one.  

January 2014 Personal Creative Projects Update

I had an idea today (scary…) that, at least once a month, I’m going to write a post babbling about the progress that I’ve made in my creative projects. If this update occurs more than once a month, it’s because something that I think is exciting has happened.

This is the first of these posts. In the future, I plan to do these during the last week of the month but something exciting happened last week.

  • I started trying to write a poem every day of the year. If you look on the sidebar on the right of your screen, you can see where I’m keeping track of how many I’ve written. I’m several behind right now, but I’m ok with that. The goal is to try and I’m not going to get mad at myself about it.
  • Another one of my resolutions was to write a short story every month, and I already finished one in January. But, I’m not going to continue aiming for monthly short stories. My idea right now is to write short stories only during lulls in my novel writing because that’s what I really want to focus on right now.
  • Speaking of my novel, I also wanted to finish my NaNoWriMo novel this year and I recently took a big step towards doing so. The fact that I’ve been working on it again has be super excited, but I felt like I was simply floating while working on it because I had no idea where it was going. So, recently, I made an outline of the rest of my novel and I’m stocked. (This is the excitement that I mentioned, by the way.)
  • I also started a poetry project this month that I’m excited about as well. I’ve been wanting to do something as an outlet for my feminism because I don’t really get deep discussions about it that often like I did in my classes. I miss that. I really, honestly miss college sometimes. Anyways, the goal of this project is to attempt to convince my readers that calling someone a girl isn’t an insult, no matter what gendered person it’s directed at. Part of how I want to do this is by telling the stories of famous and not so famous women of the past to show how important girls are. I want to have it where, when the book is opened, the left page is a blurb in prose describing the woman or topic that the poem on the right page has been inspired by.
  • I discovered that besides deadlines, projects that show me where I’m going are also great motivators to get me focused on my writing.

New Years Resolutions

As I mentioned Tuesday, I’m going to try to make some writing goals/resolutions for 2014. Said post wound up being me rambling, so I didn’t actually have to worry about today’s post mimicking it. And, by the way, Happy New Year!


2014 Writing Goals and Resolutions

I’m going to try my best to

  • write every day
  • continue blogging every Monday-Friday
  • read at least a page of something every day
  • finish the novel I started in November 2013
  • write one short story every month
  • write one poem every day, or at least every week
  • write in my journal every day
  • submit to at least five places every month