It’s finally Sring time! The first official day of Spring was Friday, March 20 and I know I’m not the only one who was excited about that.

sunny_daffodils-2This is a time of renewal and rebirth. And allergies. So many allergies.

Do you find inspiration in this time? In the yellow daffodils and your ability to walk outside without a jacket? I feel like this is the poets’ time. Or, at least a time for those poets who have a passion or attachment to nature.

I know that the weather has inspired me to shave my legs for the first time in months and also to contemplate an attempt at gardening on my apartment balcony. And part of me keeps contemplating tackling the idea of Spring cleaning, but it seems that I’d rather cook and go to the gym.

My fiction writing tends to be affected by the season in which I’m writing it. Is anybody else like this?

I typically start a work off in the season that I’m currently living. I’m sure this doesn’t always hold true, but it’s so much easier to look out the window and be inspired by my surroundings to create a scene than to try to remember what the world looked like before that particular temperature change hit.

Take my novel, Collecting Humanity as an example. I currently too buried in track changes to remember what scene I start it off in, but I’d be surprised if it wasn’t the Fall. I did, after all, write the entire thing in November.

Merry Christmas

This is the first day of the last full week of December of 2013. It’s also Christmas week. Both of these facts are mind blowing to me because I’m excited for both. And, besides today, I’m taking the week off. Part of why I’m giving myself the week is because I’m making lunch on Christmas Eve for my family and I need to clean my apartment and cook and do other fun stuff. I’m also, when I can, going to take the time to read, write, and work in some “me” time.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy the people you love because that’s what the season is about–spreading the joy that God gave us by sending His son to teach us what love really is.