It seems that most writers pick a particular outlet–fiction, poetry, non-fiction, script writing–and stick with it like a jealous lover. And that’s easy to do once you’ve found what you love and/or are good at writing. But, I think it’s a good exploration to experiment with writing that you haven’t tried before.

I’ve spent most of my writing career flip flopping between being a poet and a fiction writer. This year, I discovered that I don’t have to be mainly one or the other; I can embrace my love for both. It’s more fun that way anyways.

I’ve only dabbled in creative non-fiction a little, and I regret never having taken that class while in college but I will try to experiment with it some more this coming year. And I have discovered that I love non-fiction in the blogging world, so why not in the creative realm?┬áPlay or screen writing is something that I’ve never really tackled, but I think I’ll make that another writing goal for next year.

What are your 2014 writing goals? The new year is fast approaching.

Writing Prompt #1

Another weekly post that I’m going to attempt is writing prompts. I’ve tried writing exercises before and, for some reason, they just don’t come all that easily to me.┬áSo, what I’m going to do is provide something once a week for your to write about, just a little something that might spark some creative juices in your brain. It might be a sentence, a word, a quote, a picture, or anything really.

The goal is to write about it for a good 15-30 minutes, whatever comes to mind in whatever genre makes you happy at the time. I’ll do the same and share the edited results of my brain’s rambling in addition to that next week’s prompt. Please feel free to share your own results in the comments.

Today’s writing prompt is:

Christmas Trees