Woman Writer
By Seanna Lyn Wilhelm

Even a broken clock
is correct twice a day,
but what of a broken mind?
A writer’s mind?
A writer.
A woman writer.

Have you noticed that
there is no such thing as
a man writer?
It’s typical for a man to write,
but a woman who writes
is “other,” is “abnormal.”

Patriarchy wins the day
again. I imagine
they want to put us in zoos.
Some in cages where one
can write, and some where
writing isn’t allowed.

They’d compare how
the two groups acted.
When they grew bored,
they’d turn us into cadavers
to see what it is inside
the unique brain cells

that makes a woman write.
They’re afraid to set us free
because, what would happen
if the world learned
that our otherness is a lie?