Writing Prompt #7

Today’s Writing Prompt is:

Using either Pinterest or Google, do a search of “abandoned buildings” and use whatever attracts you most as inspiration.

My Response to Last Week’s Prompt:

He couldn’t believe that his friend, Susan, had set him up on a blind date with someone called Dr. Knuckles. Was that a name for a wrestler or an actual doctor? But, then again, his name wasn’t exactly what people would call “normal” either.

And, what was probably the best part, Susan wouldn’t tell him what this person’s first name was. This annoyed Billy as he had a thing for names and it left the sex ambiguous. The latter didn’t really bother him that much since he swung either way, but he liked to know how to act in situations that he had time to think about before they actually happened. He was a planner.

He hiked his hood up over his head as it started to rain, shoving his hands in his hoody pocket. Billy loathed parking downtown and wished Susan had picked a different restaurant for him and this doctor person to meet up.

Billy hoped he/she/whatever wasn’t terribly ugly; he liked to date people who at least resembled humans. He sidestepped around a large puddle, frowning at the muddy leaves collecting in the gutter flow. He hated gutter flow. And gutters. And rain. And having to walk through it all because the city’s idea of “parking” were a couple structures thrown in the midst of the old and new buildings that composed their downtown area.

When the street lamp in front of him shorted, he stopped and stared at it with chin raised, rain spattering his face and running down his neck. Billy wondered if a passing car’s headlights had made it think of daytime or if the city was slacking again.

Then he shrugged and kept walking. It wasn’t his problem and the restaurant was close anyways.

As he passed the building before his destination, he wished they were meeting there instead. Billy stopped again and stared in the windows, part of him wondering if the baristas thought him a perv. It was a quaint cafe and bookstore in one that he could picture himself melting into. He contemplated going in the store and buying some coffee. But, if he did that, he’d never leave the store. He didn’t particularly care what this Dr. Knuckles thought of him. But he didn’t want to insult Susan.

Billy sighed, watching the small puff of white float out of his mouth. He was glad that it was starting to get cold again.

He rolled his shoulders as if stretching before a workout, and then marched to the next building and through the doors of The Bistro.

This is just a small piece of the short story that I’m currently working on, which was inspired by the previous writing prompt. It’s getting pretty interesting so far; cross your fingers for me that it stays that way.


One of my professors, Dr. Molly McCaffrey, suggested that I add a forum to IBW. This was at some point early in 2013 when I was still going to college and was actually able to see her on a regular basis. She’s passionate about her own blogging and writing projects along with her students and their goals in life.

Long story short, I’m once again thinking about her wise words and considering adding a forum to IBW.

I wanted to test the waters with all of you before I actually went through the process of choosing a plugin and getting it installed. So, please take a vote on this poll.

The idea for this forum is that it’ll be a place for writers who can’t meet in person to share their creative works and get good, constructive criticism from other writers and non-writers who read this blog. After years of having creative writing classes where my classmates and professors gave me amazingly helpful feedback, it’s strange not having that. I still have my loved ones to ramble at, but sometimes you need another writer to bite into what you’re doing with you writing.

I want this to be a safe place where writers can comfortably share their project ideas, short stories, poems, non-fiction, and pieces of larger works. For this to be a place of only constructive criticism without anybody being cruel towards a writer or their work, I’ll have to set up some rules and guidelines along with monitoring the forum myself.

Please respond to the poll below. If I’ve done what I intended to with it, it’ll expire in one month, so you have that time to vote.


It seems that most writers pick a particular outlet–fiction, poetry, non-fiction, script writing–and stick with it like a jealous lover. And that’s easy to do once you’ve found what you love and/or are good at writing. But, I think it’s a good exploration to experiment with writing that you haven’t tried before.

I’ve spent most of my writing career flip flopping between being a poet and a fiction writer. This year, I discovered that I don’t have to be mainly one or the other; I can embrace my love for both. It’s more fun that way anyways.

I’ve only dabbled in creative non-fiction a little, and I regret never having taken that class while in college but I will try to experiment with it some more this coming year. And I have discovered that I love non-fiction in the blogging world, so why not in the creative realm?┬áPlay or screen writing is something that I’ve never really tackled, but I think I’ll make that another writing goal for next year.

What are your 2014 writing goals? The new year is fast approaching.