Writing Prompt #5

Today’s Writing Prompt is:

My Response to Last Week’s Prompt:


Favorite shape?
I don’t have one.
Who has time for
shapes anymore?
I’ve never really
liked math anyways,
and I hated geometry.
But we need math
and shapes to live, right?
I know they’re
important in some way.
Why would we
study them otherwise?

I think I like
non-shapes best.
You know?
The ones that aren’t
quite perfectly perfect
like the rest of them.

Writing Prompt #2

Today’s writing prompt is:

He couldn’t believe that she’d slapped him.

My Response to Last Week’s Writing Prompt:

At first, I was going to try my hand at some non-fiction, but then lines of a poem kept coming to my brain, so I cheerfully gave in. It’s been too long since I’ve really delved into this side of my craft.

I Can’t Stand Tinsel This Year

Christmas trees make the scent
of pine fill my nose, tingling and fresh,
though I don’t recall ever having
the experience of a living
tree shedding its needles on the carpet.
Instead, it’s tradition for me
to pull a plastic tree from a cardboard
box and make it alive by the
love its given as we beautify it.

From simply naked to glamorously full,
all Christmas trees are special.
Mine’s only three foot tall, maybe five
since I set it on a wrapped box.
It has two strands of lights and plenty ornaments,
but it doesn’t have any tinsel.

My love helped me make
cardboard garland that I hung
on the bookshelf, but I cry
whenever I see tinsel in the stores.
When I run my fingers over the
shiny, swimy stuff, I see Grandpa’s face
and hear him laugh as we decorated
what became his last earthly Christmas tree.
Those kind blue eyes supervised
our decorating as he rested in his recliner.

We didn’t realize how sick he was.
We didn’t know to savor the few months to come.
I just want to hold his hand and make him smile.

Writing Prompt #1

Another weekly post that I’m going to attempt is writing prompts. I’ve tried writing exercises before and, for some reason, they just don’t come all that easily to me.┬áSo, what I’m going to do is provide something once a week for your to write about, just a little something that might spark some creative juices in your brain. It might be a sentence, a word, a quote, a picture, or anything really.

The goal is to write about it for a good 15-30 minutes, whatever comes to mind in whatever genre makes you happy at the time. I’ll do the same and share the edited results of my brain’s rambling in addition to that next week’s prompt. Please feel free to share your own results in the comments.

Today’s writing prompt is:

Christmas Trees